Your herbalist-

Gursewa S. Harrad BEd (Hons) BSc (Hons)

It is often said that people feel a 'calling' to enter the healing professions.  Well, I can't claim any kind of mystical awakening, or thunderbolt from the sky, but the interest in health and healing was always there - gradually getting stronger and stronger as I got older.  Eventually, the pull (or 'calling' if you will) got strong enough for me to leave a successful and promising teaching career as a Chemistry Teacher and begin what I consider to be a life-long study of Herbal Medicine.

I was privileged to have begun my learning with an array of great herbalists during my training at the University of Westminster. Each practitioner had an individual approach and style and together they gave me an invaluable insight into the sheer variety and richness that is present in the world of Herbal Medicine.  I graduated with a BSc (Hons) Health Sciences: Herbal Medicine degree.

I have also received training in Reiki and Reconnective Healing(TM) and though my day to day practice is as a herbalist, I am able to offer healing to patients who request it as part of their treatment plan.