Frequently Asked Questions 

Ø Isn't Herbal Medicine the same as Homeopathy?

No.  Both the principles and the treatments used by Homeopaths differ significantly from Herbal Medicine.  For more information on Homeopathy, please contact the British Homeopathic Association at:

Ø Should I stop taking my drug medications while I am taking herbal medicines?

      No.  Medical Herbalists are trained to understand herb-drug interactions and so will take account of the medications you are taking when formulating your prescriptions. A herbalist will not ask you to stop or reduce any medications without the consent of your medical doctor.

Ø Is Herbal Medicine safe?

Most herbal remedies are perfectly safe, however, as with all medicines, they should be taken only in strict accordance with your Herbalist's instructions.  Please ensure your Herbalist is aware of any other medications/supplements you are taking and also inform your G.P. that you are taking herbal medicines.

Ø What kinds of conditions are treatable with herbal medicine?

Herbal Medicine can be used to treat most short and long-term medical conditions that you would normally consult your G.P. about.  All medical herbalists are trained to know when to refer a patient on to another therapist or orthodox doctor.

Ø Can Herbal Medicine be used to treat children?

Yes.  Herbal medicine is perfectly safe to use with children.

Ø Is Herbal Medicine available on the NHS?

Not at present.  However, some G.P. surgeries employ the services of a Medical Herbalist.This may become more common as Statutory State Registration is introduced.  Some private health insurance companies also now pay for Herbal Medicine. If you feel that Herbal Medicine should be available on the NHS, please write to your G.P., Primary Care Trust and private healthcare provider.

Ø What form are the treatments given in?

The prescriptions dispensed may be in the form of dried herbs (to be brewed as a tea), tinctures, tablets, powders, fluid extracts or creams, gels and ointments.  These may be accompanied by dietary and lifestyle advice. Most Herbalists have their own dispensaries and will be able to supply your prescription at the end of your visit or post the medicines out to you.