The Medherb Clinic is committed to providing a high quality holistic healthcare service using the principles of -

Western Herbal Medicine
~ Safely restoring health with natural medicines ~ 

The approach to treatment is always aimed at encouraging patients to actively participate in achieving a return to health.  This may involve a variety of strategies including the use of herbal medicines, lifestyle changes and dietary management.  Therapeutic plans are devised following in-depth consultations that considers the 'whole person'.  This is in contrast to the experience many people have unfortunately become used to, where they are viewed just as a collection of symptoms.

In addition to using conventional medical diagnostic skills, a Medical Herbalist will also consider several other aspects of a patient’s life including diet & nutrition, sleep, digestion, living & working environments, state of mind and function of the body’s organ systems.  This enables the Medical Herbalist to take a holistic view of the patient and formulate a tailor-made treatment plan for the individual.